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The Local {Experiential} Gift Guide

Here are 7 local places to gift gets that we can’t hold in our hands—the intangibles and experiential gifts…or perhaps soon to be intangibles and we should experience them together. (That bottle of wine should be drunk, that exquisite coffee needs to be brewed.) The gifts that don’t fill up drawers or closet space, but fill our need for connection and harbor a warmth of memory. It is another way to give more fully this Holiday Season—to give of ourselves…our time, our attention, our forethought. So here is a Bellingham local gift guide for brewing more moments together and sipping in some new memories.

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The Birth and Evolution of the Artist Portfolio

Every year, I like to make a solo pilgrimage to Portland, Oregon.  I think it somehow reconnects me to the freedom I felt before I had kids and greater responsibilities.  I get to choose what I do with my time, whether it is lollygagging at Powell's, a slow jog through Forest Park, or a pint at one of the ever increasing number of breweries in town.  Often, a highlight is hanging out with some really special family friends we got to know and love while we were living there. Their home and lifestyle are inspiring, and I always leave feeling like I've taken some nugget home for living my life better.  And one of those times, it was drawing practice.  At...

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New Series: What is a Maker?

“Maker” and the “Maker’s Movement” are phrases that are popping up more in the mainstream nowadays. But what do these words mean? Is a Maker a hybrid crafter, electronics wiz, artisan, specialist, computer tinkerer, baker, leatherworker, artist? As my friend Lance Fisher would say….Yes. So Nicki and I decided to explore this burgeoning world of Makers and the Movement surrounding them with a series of short interviews. We’ll start off, of course, with our own Nicki Lang, owner and Maker of Found.

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