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Happy Valentine's Day!

"Someone who does not run        toward the allure of love             walks a road where nothing lives."                          RUMI Read this post to find curated poems to share with your loved ones. If you live local, there is a great poet--Naomi Shihab Nye--coming to Bellingham, Wa. Tickets are free and a great Valentine's/Palentine's Gift to sign your loved one up for. Found Leather Goods is also hosting a Leather Earring Workshop February 23rd. Give the gift of creativity and something beautiful to wear to your loved one!

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:: A Fresh Batch ::

Happy New Year! The studio has been slowly returning to full production mode.  We had a pleasantly busy holiday season, and took a little break afterward to recuperate and evaluate how to be more efficient and keep our production creative, fresh, and interesting.   If you've ever been to the studio, it would have been hard to miss the giant metal 'trash' cans filled with scrap, sitting next to the dozen or so hides of leather hanging on the wall.  As you can imagine, it is a lot of material to manage.  With our current production plan, we would create designs twice a season, and keep several colors of leather on hand to make things one at a time as orders...

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The Local {Experiential} Gift Guide

Here are 7 local places to gift gets that we can’t hold in our hands—the intangibles and experiential gifts…or perhaps soon to be intangibles and we should experience them together. (That bottle of wine should be drunk, that exquisite coffee needs to be brewed.) The gifts that don’t fill up drawers or closet space, but fill our need for connection and harbor a warmth of memory. It is another way to give more fully this Holiday Season—to give of ourselves…our time, our attention, our forethought. So here is a Bellingham local gift guide for brewing more moments together and sipping in some new memories.

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