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Spring Photo Shoot :: Behind the Scenes

       On Friday, we loaded 31 bags, countless wallets, a complete summer wardrobe, not enough snacks, a photographer (Misha), 2 models (Nicki and Leah), and one intern (yours truly) into a minivan. We were heading to Roche Harbor on San Juan Island, ready to capture the new spring collection in action. On the hour long ferry ride we were able to get some great pictures of the new messengers and colored leather, making it look like a summertime commute instead of a blustery mid-March morning on the Puget Sound.

       Bags in tow, we were ready to make the final trek to our main shooting location, but…we weren’t completely sure if the minivan was going to make it off the ferry. Turns out I should have taken Leah more seriously when she said that the minivan had an occasional habit of, well, not starting. After a few moments of panic (and a few impatient cars behind us) when the minivan refused to start, we got a jump from an extremely prepared ferry worker – and were on our way.

       Roche Harbor was absolutely gorgeous! The hidden cove is home to a small community of homes, shops, boats, an inn and restaurant. This location was well worth the journey, and a perfect scene for the summery new leathers. Seriously, it made me want to go escape to a little island town paradise with only a boat and a book (plus maybe a bag and a bottle of wine) until summer was over. With the minivan as our home base (all of our wardrobe changes and styling was happening in the backseat) we shuttled the new bags around the harbor, getting spectacular photos at the bocce ball court, garden, shop fronts, and on the water. We even got Nicki to climb up an old lime kiln in six inch heels with a Legacy tote – all for the photo, of course (that picture is actually featured on our home page). It was such a blast to watch Misha do her thing – she has a seriously artful eye for finding perfect photo spots and great light to show off the leather’s texture!

       After a long day’s work, we were all packed up, hungry, and ready to celebrate. We caught an earlier ferry than expected – thanks to Leah behind the wheel – and ended the evening with a much needed celebratory bottle of wine and some delicious grub in downtown Anacortes.

       It was so rewarding to see the results after all of that work! After going through the pictures, the real star of the day really turned out to be the new Coast-to-Market tote – it just looked like it wanted to be hanging off a shoulder and filled up with flowers and baguettes. Check out the pictures of all the bags on our site and let us know what you think!

This post was brought to you by ::found:: intern extraordinaire, Isabel Vassiliadis.

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