::found:: on a journey

It's been said that every journey begins with a single step. Our first step took place in a cold concrete basement with some cut up leather coats and a hand-me-down sewing machine. Since then, Found Leather Goods has wandered meandering trails, taken on delightful companions, hit a few detours and unexpected turns. In this season, we find ourselves at an important crossroads. Within the last few months, we took the giant step of hiring our first employee! Emily came on to help us with production to keep up with our growing workload. Though it was a huge shift in our business, it was necessary to keep things rolling, and Emily has taken on the challenge with gusto. Now that we have multiple makers in production mode, we need to upgrade our machinery accordingly. The old Pfaff we sew on now, (a generous gift from a friend), has been tried and true, but has become a little temperamental. In order to increase our productivity, keep our manufacturing local, and maintain the same quality in each of our products, we need to acquire 2 new machines. Thus, our campaign. We are asking you, our community, to partner with us to take this next step. Help us keep Found Leather Goods local! We have created a KICKSTARTER Campaign to raise the funds for our much needed machines. Please consider supporting us on this journey. To acknowledge you in a special way for your support of our progress, we will produce a line of goods only available though this campaign. In keeping with the theme of a journey, we have a whole bunch of great limited edition Found Leather Goods to help you along your way... click KICKSTARTER link for more information on our campaign!

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