Fresh Spring Reads (While you wait for the rain to end!)

Skagit Valley Tulip Fields

Nicki and I have been textin', Instagramin' and emailin' (does anyone else still email?) back and forth our favorite magazine reads...obsessively...and nonstop. Spring issues are on the stands or just being released, so if you are looking for some inspiration or just something to take your mind off the rain (it will end!), you have got to check out these beautiful spreads. These magazines also have blogs, so click on over to the links below to get a sunny taste.


Darling MagazineWhat makes Darling different? They NEVER use photoshop. Ever. This is revolution to the beauty industry magazine/advertising machine. They see "modesty plus excellent fashion sense as "sexy." Serrrrriously. I love them. Please oh please be around when my daughter is a teenager. Offers "tangible, deep advice on painful issues..." These people are rrrreal. Check out all of their well thought out ideals here. They are still fun with a poppy vibe and plenty photog eye candy. And they also have a variety of categories to dig into: Hostess, Dreamer, Confidant, Stylist, Explorer, Beautician, Intellectual, and Achiever. Check out the fun article I linked to each category. Oh and if you visit there, tell them you'd love to see a Found bag on their What's in my Bag Wednesdays. Let's get Nicki's delicious darling bags featured!


Tulip on FireFor a completely different pace, this magazine features the famous and the truly cultural artistic movement creators. The pictures are stark, clean and uncluttered. It has people I've never heard of, but end up reading about and wonder how could I have possibly not known about their amazing works. It also has a lovely City Guide feature that makes you hungry to eat everything you see.  Food and Wine's Best New Chiefs for 2016, Edouardo Jordan, lists his favorite places to eat in Seattle. Jordan recounts Mamnoon and my mouth was watering as I remembered tasting some of the most delectable meat I've ever eaten. Unfortunately, it was my husband's dish, but he--as usual--shared lots of forkfuls. Wouldn't you love to see Primer featured? Or the hive of artists that reside where Found’s studio lives in the Morgan Block Building? I would love to see Bellingham on their City Guide! Or maybe not…It might be nice to keep our little gem hidden a bit longer.

Cottage Hill

Cottage Hill-Floret Flower on frontThis print magazine and blog was the first to launch both simultaneously. It’s magazines often sell out.And it is no wonder why. The gorgeous colors are muted and peaceful that flow through the blog pages. It is dedicated to wholehearted living. And it is as if a wedding photography wandered into an old farmhouse, where a family lives and plays. She begins taking pictures, but they also start talking about how the family is making it through the dad’s traumatic illness. That is in fact one of the stories. So often when I see such beautiful pictures and gorgeously styled layouts, the words that accompany them fall mightily short of living “wholeheartedly” because often pain and struggle is left in the margins outside of the viewers eye. Cottage Hill begins to pull in some of the margins, a bit, revealing real struggles with some of the stories they feature. I feel like they could go a little deeper here and I am hoping they do.

They also feature local Skagit Valley flower wizard—Floret. (As seen on the cover above.) The photos alone are worth a click to the blog.

Blog or print these reads are worth getting your hands on. And if you haven’t already, check out Found being featured on the Trouvé blog!

So, what are you stashing in your bag to read on these spring days?


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