Peek at the Process

Piece by piece. Step by step. Each ::found:: leather good comes together. We are excited to be giving you a peek at the process...from inspiration to design to crafting and finally to being ::found::.


Inspiration for our designs comes mainly from a desire for a balance between form and function. When it comes to our bags, you could say we like to put the fun in function.


Back in the early days, every design was different, started from scratch every time. Only recently have we started putting the designs down on paper for future reference. Making the same bag in a new color is almost like making a whole new design, but takes so much less time!


've always had a knack for tedious work, be it data entry or jigsaw puzzles. And a love for the beauty of a completed, well-made product. My favorite is when art meets craft and a totally new design is born.


From start to finish. Inspired. Designed. Crafted. Found.

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