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Coast-to-Market Tote :: Meadow
Coast-to-Market Tote :: Meadow

Coast-to-Market Tote :: Meadow

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The Bag: Coast or Market? Either way, this is the bag for the job. This versatile tote was handcrafted using soft, durable leather. Square bottomed tote design with inside floating leather zippered pocket, equipped with spaces for a tablet, glasses, keys and cards. Comfortable rolled shoulder straps encompass the entire bag for additional durability. Held closed at the top with a brass clip that compliments the rest of the brass hardware. 

The Leather: The deep green leather we chose for this tote is a strong, luxurious cowhide. The pull-up effect makes the leather take on a life of its own. Scratches and stretches will come and go over time and add to the bag’s patina and character. The light waxy finish makes it somewhat water repellent, and lusciously smooth to the touch.


- 14"H x 17"W x 6"D
- full-grain leather body with matching leather straps
- brass hardware
- floating, zippered inner pocket
- comfortable rolled shoulder straps

- straps encompass the entire bag for additional durability                                               

- handmade in Bellingham, WA, USA

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